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West End

The West End is the residential neighbourhood right next to Stanley Park.  It is comprised of mainly apartments and is one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in the world.

West End Business Improvement Association

Where is the West End?

The West End is located on the northwest side of the City of Vancouver bordering Stanley Park.

West End Community Centre

West End Community Centre
West End Community Centre

The West End Community Centre is a city-run facility that offers lots of activities and programs for the residents of the West End.

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Gay Pride Parade

Every year on the first Sunday of August, Vancouver's Gay Pride parade takes place in the West End.  It goes down Robson Street from Thurlow Ave then down Denman Street then down Beach Avenue ending at Sunset beach.  There are many associated events that take place during this weekend.

West End Car Free Day

Every year in June, Denman Street is closed off to car traffic for the West End Car Free Day.  For many blocks there are many displays and vendors.  There is also free entertainment at various points along the way.

West End Strawberry Festival

Every year in August, there is a Strawberry Festival in the square on the 1400 block of Barclay Street.  There are many vendors and free entertainment.  For a small charge you can get some fabulous Strawberry Shortcake!  They usually also give free horse-drawn carriage rides at this event.

Canada Day on Robson Street

Every year on July 1 the side of Robson Street there are many free activities such as live music and street hockey to celebrate Canada Day!

Davie Village


Bed and Breakfasts



Rhodde House Museum

Jim Deva Plaza

Memorial to Sex Workers

In 2016, the City of Vancouver created a memorial to sex trade workers in front of the St. Paul's Anglican Church on Jervis Street.  This was to honour those who worked in the sex trade in the West End until the 1980s when they were forced out of the West End.  The memorial consists of a old style street light with a red bulb.

Mole Hill

Barclay Street-old houses/park

West End Business Improvement Association (WEBIA)

Parking in the West End

parking lots: community centre, former coast hotel, former gas station on Denman ; street parking: 2 hour meters, residential permits.

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