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Pipeline Road

Pipeline Road
Pipeline Road

Pipeline Road runs north-south right through Stanley Park.  The south end starts at the far side of the traffic circle at the Georgia Street entrance to Stanley Park.  This is the most common way to get onto Pipeline Drive.  The north end is at Stanley Park Drive on the north side of the park.

Pipeline Road is a beautiful road to drive as it is heavily forested with huge trees along most of the drive.  You will feel that you are driving in a forest!

Pipeline Road is primarily used by people to get to one of the attractions near it such as the Rose Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Stanley Park Pavilion, Miniature Train, and the Air Force Garden of Remembrance.  It is also used to get to Beaver Lake which is further along.  It is also used as a shortcut across the park to get to Prospect Point or enter the Lions Gate Causeway quicker.

Originally, Pipeline Road was cut out of the forest to hold a fresh-water pipeline that was built in 1889 from North Vancouver to Vancouver.

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