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Vancouver Centenary Cairn

Vancouver Centenary Cairn plaque
Vancouver Centenary Cairn plaque

The Vancouver Centenary Cairn is probably seen by many people because it is near the Stanley Park pavilion, but rarely do people actually read the plaque.

Vancouver Centenary Cairn side view
Vancouver Centenary Cairn side view

The plaque says:

Vancouver 100 City of the Century

This cairn commemorates the centenary of the city of Vancouver.  It was unveiled by her excellency the Governor General of Canada, Jeanne Sauve on April 6, 1986, the hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of the city.  The goal of the centennial celebration was to make 1986 a year in which the people of Vancouver whould share our talent, energy, and goodwill to create and enjoy city-wide activities that would take us into our next century with heightened optimism and pride.

Vancouver Centennial Commission

Co-Chairmen: Mayor Michael Harcourt, Michael G. Francis

Vice-Chairmen: Bruce Yorke, Jean Barman, Bob Hindmarch, Don Hamilton, Reg Rose, Gary Onstad, Peter Ross, Norman Young

Members: Don Bellamy, Amyn Abdula, Renate Bublick, Joseph Cohen, Charle Cotterall, Reva Dexter, Ujjal Dosanjh, Erich Ewert, Tom Fawkes, Linda Graham, Ian Howard, Art Jones, Hugh Keenleyside, Dante Lupini, Fred Mah, Riley O'Connor, Ian Reid, Anna Terrana, Sally Warren, George Wainborn, Ann Yandle, Simon Seshadri, Don Holubitsky

Executive Directors: Robert Dubberly, Patricia St. Pierre

Vancouver City Council

Mayor Michael Harcourt

Aldermen: May Brown, Gordon Campbell, Libby Davies, Margurite Ford, Bruce Eriksen, George Puil, Bill Yee, Bruce Yorke, Harry Rankin, Don Bellamy

Board of Parks and Recreation: Chairman Allan Bennett, Helen Boyce, Connie Fogal, Susan Harris, Andy Livingstone, George Wainborn, Patricia Wilson

Where is the Vancouver Centenary Cairn in Stanley Park?

The Vancouver Centenary Cairn in Stanley Park is located between Rock Garden and Stanley Park Pavilion.

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