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Running in Stanley Park

Bicycles on the Stanley Park seawall
Bicycles on the Stanley Park seawall

Running is one of the most popular activity in Stanley Park.  You can run completely around Stanley Park which is 9 kilometres.  The Stanley Park Seawall has a separate lane for Running.  Bicycles can only go one direction around the park, but you can run both directions around the park.

There is a running track called the Brockton Oval.  It is a black cinder gravel track.  It was where Olympic gold medalist Percy Williams trained!  He won the 100 and 200 metre races at the 1928 Summer Olympic games.

There are also a number of trails and paved paths throughout Stanley Park on which you can run.

In 2016, Canadian Running Magazine named Stanley Park as the 'Best Running spot in Canada' as part of it's 2016 Golden Shoe Awards.

During the year, there are many charity runs, e.g. Terry Fox run, which take place in Stanley Park.&bnsp; Also, there are many organized runs, e.g. Vancouver International Marathon.  To find out when these runs take place, check out our Stanley Park Events Calendar.

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